Organization of cargo transportation from Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. Import and export on a
turn-key basis.

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Supplier or product search/consolidation

You can contact us to search for goods abroad, or to find a buyer in Russia or abroad. Our specialists can
provide services on goods consolidation as well as help with analysis of the market your company is
interested in.
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Container rental/leasing

We have our own containers which can be leased. It is also possible to consider buying the necessary
transport capacities.

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Delivery / redemption of vehicles

We provide selection, search and delivery of cars from Korea and Germany. We provide full assistance in
purchasing a car.
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Development of IT solutions in logistics

The company has an established IT department, which is engaged in development of digital products in
logistics, which improve the efficiency of business processes. We are glad to offer our products to our
partners or develop a personal product for you
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