Our values


We value the contribution of every individual. Concepts such as “Team Spirit”, ” Teamwork” are
the daily credo with which employees come to work. The idea is simple – the company trusts and
relies on its employees, while at the same time each employee can count on having a “shoulder to
lean on” when he or she needs it. When we work together, two plus two equals five, no other way.

Courage – Initiative

Years of work have shown – an unconventional solution beats regulations. That’ s why the company
has a unique practice of encouraging initiative. The more you are ready to take responsibility,
the better. There is only one rule – the idea should be considered, relevant and beneficial to
the activity of the company or the team.

Eco-friendliness (non-toxicity).

The emotional health of the team is the key to successful work. It is not necessary to provoke
conflicts, categorically proving your case. Your opinion is important in the company, it is sure
to listen. Personal matters are personal matters. We believe it is right to leave them out of
the office.


As Joseph Brodsky said, “A man is the sum of his actions.” A company is the sum of the
competences of its employees. OKOMA Logistics in every way encourages the desire to get new
knowledge and develop. Knowledge, sport, health – everything a person is passionate about to
become better, we support.


People are different, you can’t change that. But it is possible to teach and learn how to work
with it. Working in a team, our idea is that everyone has to learn to hear each other. “Your
freedom begins where the other person’s freedom begins.” Change the word “freedom” in that
phrase with the words “competence,” “experience,” and it becomes clear what “respect” means to


Work in the field of logistics requires not only knowledge, but also methodicalness,
concentration and attentiveness. It is possible to develop these personal qualities if you are
ready to work, not expecting a momentary appraisal, success or praise. Therefore, we value in
people modesty, professional delicacy. There are industry professionals in our team who
appreciate you. You should not try to prove something to each other. The results in your area of
work will speak for you.