About us

We are an international logistics company successfully operating on the market since 2014. Our success is based on the well-coordinated team, high technology basis and customer focus. We value the initiative of each employee and invest in the development of digital products to increase the efficiency of business processes and provide customers with convenient service. Our team of professionals in the industry work together and share knowledge and experience to achieve excellent results and meet the customer’s requirements.

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In logistics since 2014

Total invoice value of goods in 2023 makes the sum of > 1 billion USD
Representative offices in 3 countries

Our values


We value the contribution of every person. Such concepts as “Team Spirit” and “Cohesion” are the daily credo with which employees come to work. The idea is simple — the company trusts its employees and relies on them, but at the same time, each employee can count on being given a helping hand when needed. When we work together we can say that two plus two equals nothing but five.


As Joseph Brodsky once said, “A person is the sum of his actions”. And the company is the sum of its employees’ competencies. We encourage the desire to acquire new knowledge and to develop skills. The route varies. We are ready for experiments.


People are different, that can’t be changed. Working in a team, we proceed from the fact that everyone must learn to hear each other. “Your freedom begins where another person’s freedom begins”.


Years of work have shown us that a non-standard solution beats the rules. Therefore, the company set a unique principle to encourage initiative. The more responsibility you are willing to take on, the better. There is only one regulation – the idea must be thoughtful, up to date and useful for the company practice or for the team.


Work in the logistics sphere requires not only knowledge, but also systematization, concentration and attentiveness. One can develop these skills if he or she is alert to effort and work without expecting the immediate success assessment or praise. That’s why we value modesty and professional delicacy in people. The team consists of industry professionals who hold each other in high esteem.

Environmental friendliness

The emotional state of the team is the key to successful work. We value “business ethics” and “courtesy” in our work.

Our team

Pavel Popov

Logistics is my conscious choice. In 2012, I graduated from UNECON with a degree in “Logistics and Supply Chain Management”. I worked in several companies both from a service provider position and from the customer’s one. This experience gave me the opportunity to realize what the quality service is, what the logistics company should offer to the market and what values to convey.
The market is constantly changing and our task is to be proactive and always have several solutions for the customer. We should compose the solutions for the future today.
Our client is our source of inspiration. We learn from you and constantly gain your trust. You can take for granted that we will keep our agreements in a fair and transparent manner.

‘’We are always open to you and we can achieve success only together’’.

I grew up in a village near St. Petersburg. We lived modestly and unpretentiously. I always lacked pocket money.
When I was about 12, as I remember now, there was a good year for fruit and berries. So I put a box with apples and plums at the highway edge, and this is how my career in sales began.

Since that moment there have been many different cases and tough negotiations, starting from my parents and ending with top officials of billion-dollar companies, but I will never forget this taste of selling those juicy ripe apples!

Maxim Grinuk
Commercial Director
Михайлова Ирина
Irina Mikhailova
HR Director
Валерий Горбунов
Valeriy Gorbunov
Head of IT Department
Alla Zhelyalova
Chief Accountant