Applications development

Tracking the logistics process, all interaction with the customer – in one window. Automate all processes using our platform.

Within the structure of our company there was established an IT department that is engaged in development of the digital products in the international logistics field and the main task of these products is to increase the efficiency of business processes.

Due to the global digitalization growth, it is important for all market participants to receive the information in one window. Quickly, here and now. To achieve this, our company implements a number of digital projects.

We aim for developing a convenient service for our customers and strive to ensure that all interaction regarding the international delivery is reduced to working in your personal account in the program.

The process of international cargo transportation is always divided into several stages. The “status” of each cargo is reflected in the personal account on our platform, where the customer can track what happens to his cargo at every moment.
“OKOMA Logistics” services also provide a complete set of necessary documents in electronic form.