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We plan routes of any complexity, work with all types of cargo, and provide full support.

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Types of transported cargo

General cargo, as a rule, consists of one type of product that does not require special temperature conditions and is transported in a package or container. If cargo transshipment is not planned along the route, then the transportation is carried out as per single package of transport and permitting documents. In case of transshipment, additional documents are required. While getting ready for the transportation, it is most important to check the packaging, containers, labeling, compliance with the shipping documents, control of seals, etc.

We handle the international transportation of general cargo by road, rail, air and sea transport or a combination of them – multimodal transportation. And we know which routes and methods of transportation are fast and safe for general cargo delivery.

International transportation of dangerous and oversized cargo is a responsible task due to its specifics, increased risks, as well as tough regulatory system at both the national and international levels. The dangerous goods transportation compels the execution of the mandatory list of requirements for packaging, permitting shipping documents, labeling, conditions of freight, drivers, etc. Due to this, it becomes complex to organize and manage the international transportation of dangerous and oversized goods, moreover, in every country the accepted classifications and procedures may differ from each other, just as they differ depending on the type of transport. Thus, for example, the rules of sea freight do not provide clear requirements for the placement and securing of dangerous goods, and the port can accept dangerous goods for transportation in such condition that will not be accepted by railway during subsequent transshipment. We have extensive experience in the international transportation of dangerous and oversized cargo, which allows us to take into account all requirements and avoid problems along the route.

Within the sanctions restrictions we implemented brand new working import schemes from European countries and the USA to Russia, that allows us to manage the parallel import of the sanctioned goods legally and with minimal costs for our customers. Working with sanctioned cargo is almost always a combination of routes and delivery methods.

The choice depends on the cargo type and the country of origin. There are still available variants of road freight of European goods via the Baltic states and Belarus. And there is a tendency to build routes via Turkey, therefrom the goods are delivered by ferry to the southern ports of Russia or by land via Iran — Azerbaijan to Russia. In addition to the road
transportation, we also use sea transportation in containers to the port of Novorossiysk.

Considering the sanctions, we select the optimal route for our client’s needs. OKOMA logistics is the international company, that is why the reliability of transit transportations is provided by the presence of our specialists in the transit regions: in Turkey, China, the UAE, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Belarus. We are constantly developing new routes. In our portfolio we also have the experience in international delivery of goods from the countries of South America, the USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Malaysia, and the Gulf states.

Main Product Lines:



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ey Destinations

We provide a full range of logistics services for all product groups. We work directly with departure stations, which ensures reliable deliveries at the best price and on time. Cargo delivery by sea is provided by Chinese and Russian lines to the ports of the Far East, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk and Kaliningrad. In addition, for non-sanctioned cargo there are delivery options via the ports of Finland (Kotka) and the Baltic states (Riga, Klaipeda).

One of the most important logistics destinations. In addition to the fact that Turkey is a key transport hub on a number of routes, this country also produces a large range of products that are in demand on the Russian market. We provide services of transportation, transit and consolidation of cargo (including “complex”) from the EU and the USA, as well as from the Middle East countries. The entire range of logistics and financial instruments is at your disposal.

We will help in organizing the import/export of goods between Russia and the United Arab Emirates with all the most popular product lines: electronics, fuels and lubricants, spare parts, computer and telecommunications equipment

The USA and Europe
We work with a full range of goods imported from the European Union and the USA; we help to conclude a direct contract with the supplier, we carry out the consolidation and storage of goods, organize logistics by any convenient means of transport, and also help with payments.